India is a country of different season having their own beauty and golly. It is very important to
remain healthy during climate change. A perfect harmony with nature can give you a healthy
and balanced life by synchronizing your lifestyle and healthy food habits. Changing season
causes illness due to variation in temperature and winter can be a tough time especially for both
kids and old-aged person to stay healthy. People get sick in winter season with a feeling of
listless and lethargic with colds, flus and other respiratory ailments due to sudden decrease in
temperature. Due to cold waves people are indoors more often, and trying to stay warm and
dry climates helps respiratory droplets to stay in the air for longer time periods. Thereby
infecting people effortlessly allowing viruses to pass more easily from one person to another.
In cold, dry air may weaken immune resistance, and increases the chance for respiratory

Changing your diet and healthy lifestyle can be a great way to stay in rhythm with the natural
cycle of seasons. We can reduce the risk of common winter illnesses by taking some
precautions like washing hands frequently, always keeping sanitizing gels, tissues and wipes
and coughing and sneezing in the crook of elbow. These good habits will help to keep you and
your family healthy all winter long and will also help to prevent from COVID-19 in this current
scenario. Winter season is bad for immunity is a myth, with the help of Ayurvedic winter food
and following healthy lifestyle you can maintain good immunity throughout the season. Taking
proper rest during night, a planned and organized routine for your daily activities will help to
reduce stress. Daily exercise and practicing Yoga are great way to calm your mind and stay
healthy. Always prefer home-made freshly cooked food, hot and warm beverages.
Despite of taking all the precautions, if you notice any symptoms of cough, cold, and fever,
you can take Ayurvedic medicines for increasing body heat without any side effects such as;
Ginger tea, Spiced tea, Ginger-tulsi mixture, Flaxseeds, Vitamin C, Jaggery powder,
Essential oil etc.

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Dr. K. B. Chandra
Scientist B
AIIMS (N.Delhi)


Winter and Immunity