Organic extracts are a great way to get all the nutrients you need for optimal health. They can be produced by using organic solvents, which are either CO2 or water-based.

What are organic extracts?

Organic extracts are created when the chemical compounds from natural plants are exposed to liquid solvents. Once the extraction process is complete, all the extracted compounds must be concentrated using a natural evaporating process. Some of these compounds can include vitamins like E and C, minerals, amino acids, and many more.

These extracts have a lot of healing properties, which is why they’re also used as supplements. They also help your body absorb other nutrients as well. For example, vitamin C is a great immune system booster and helps you fight off illnesses.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Organic Extracts?

Many benefits can be attributed to organic extracts, but they all center around the same underlying principle: “the extraction of a particular ingredient is more natural than other methods.”

The following are some of the reasons why organic extracts are better than their synthetic counterparts:

1. It’s more natural and doesn’t use “synthetic vitamins”

Organic extracts are made from the natural body of the ingredient meaning they are much more natural than synthetic vitamins. Synthetic vitamins (also known as artificial vitamins) are chemical compounds that are created in a laboratory to match the nutrition that our bodies can create naturally. Synthetic vitamins do not have a full spectrum of nutrition and cannot be found outside lab-made supplements or plants such as spinach or broccoli.

While synthetic vitamins have some benefits, they are not as natural as organic extracts and do not contain the complete spectrum of nutrition that is found in food. The only way to get this full spectrum of nutrition from a synthetic vitamin is by consuming an entire plant or animal.

2. It’s safer and can reduce side effects

Organic extracts are often sourced from whole foods such as vegetables and fruits. This makes them much more natural than synthetic vitamins which are sourced from petrochemicals. A consequence of synthesizing these man-made compounds is that it causes other chemicals to be formed that may cause harm to the body, especially if consumed in excess. Organic extracts are not at risk of causing these harmful side effects.

The body can also metabolize synthetic vitamins differently than organic extracts, which can cause an increase in certain biochemicals. These increased biochemicals can have negative effects on the body’s systems if consumed in excess. Organic extracts metabolize and are used by the body more similar to the natural sources from which they came.

3. They’re less expensive than synthetic vitamins

Organic extracts are much less expensive than synthetic vitamins because they don’t need to go through the process of being synthesized first, which is a time- and resource-intensive process that requires a large amount of money and energy.

Synthetic vitamins are also much more expensive than organic extracts because they must be made in a laboratory and, at the end of the process, must be tested for safety.

4. They contain fewer ingredients

Organic extracts are often sourced from single foods rather than multiple foods such as synthetic vitamins that are sourced from multiple plants or animals. This means there are fewer different chemicals used to create the extract and therefore lower the risk of interacting with each other.

Plants that are used to make organic extracts can be found throughout the year, unlike synthetic sources which require specific climate conditions. This allows for a broader variety of nutrition and a better chance to find one that is suitable for each season.

5. They have been used for centuries

Organic extracts have been used for centuries to provide nutrition and healing to the body. These organic extracts, which are also known as phytomedicines, have been used in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for healing and nutritional purposes since their discovery.

This long history of use for organic extracts gives more insight into how they work in the human body and how they can benefit the individual. This makes it easier for modern-day scientists to create new supplements using these organic extracts that are safe and effective for use by humans.

6. They are less likely to interact with other medications

Organic extracts are much safer and less likely to cause interactions with other medications. When comparing synthetic vitamins, which often come from multiple sources to organic extracts which come from one source, there are fewer chances for the synthetic ones to cause an interaction.

Plants that are used for organic extracts can also be used as medicine and people have consumed plants in this way for thousands of years. This makes it easier to prove that the vitamins contained within these plants don’t have any adverse effects on human physiology, which makes it more likely that they won’t interact with each other when consumed along with other medications.

Buy Organic Extracts Online

The extracts can be found in a large variety of types and types of products and can be separated into different subgroups as follows: 

1.      Capsules

2.      Tinctures

3.      Oils

4.      Cones

5.      Isolates

The capsules are the easiest way of taking the extracts and are perfect for those people who do not like using oils or other similar products. 

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